PT. Chempower Indonesia

About Us

Our core business is supplies of specialty chemicals and commodities used for water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial processes. We have expertise in the following commercial and industrial processes such as Shopping Mall, Hotel, Apartment, Hospital, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Oil Production & Refining, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Mineral Processing, Metals, Textiles, Wood Processing and Food Processing.

It started when a group of water treatment and process chemical experts from leading technology companies joined forces to form PT CHEMPOWER INDONESIA. This pool of expertise represents leading technologies from the United States of America, Japan, and Europe. This unique combination of expertise and experience has enabled CHEMPOWER to provide world-class solutions for a wide range of applications in many industries.

Our business model has seen us grow rapidly in a short space of time. Forming strategic alliances with national and local partners has increased our product and service to offer and has kept us in the loop of new technology development. At the same time, we continuously develop an in-house solution tailored to your unique needs.